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The importance of caring for orphans

Islam cared for orphans and arranged care for a great reward, and considered them among the best deeds. Including compensating the orphan for his father and his tenderness, and rewarding the orphan with some kind of compensation to break the loss of the father.


Khy Mohsen ..
Dear sister ..

We invite you to stand by the poor and needy, and we, at Ibn Al-Khattab Charitable Society, are putting before you a good opportunity, to be a help to your brothers and your generous families, who suffer from lack of hand. And limited income, to provide them with care, and to take their hands to safety.


Ensuring widows and divorced women

On the authority of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, he said that the seeker over the widow and the poor are like a fighter for the sake of God
Providing material and material assistance to widows and divorced women to provide the basic necessities of life.


IBN Al-Khattab Charitable Society provides support and assistance in a good project that will benefit children in need of health care, education, and equipping all life necessities.

To donate via our account

Account name: Ibn Al-Khattab Charitable Society
Bank name: Zenith Bank Ghana Ltd
Bank account number: 6011814700
Branch: Ashimuta Branch
Swift Code: ZEBLGHAC

Association services

Educational services

Ibn Al-Khattab Charitable Society is concerned with educational services and launches an “educational project” for orphans and needy families.

social services

The association provides the social, health, educational, religious and cultural services needed by all members of society without its goal being to achieve material profit.

In kind services

Ibn Al-Khattab Charitable Society provides urgent and emergency aid in cash and in kind to needy families.

Seasonal projects

Seasonal projects such as:
Fasting breakfast. Eid clothing. Sacrificial animals. Food parcels. School bag and school uniform. Zakat al-Fitr. Ramadan basket. Charity.

Our Projects

Poor homes

The Ibn Al-Khattab Charitable Association seeks with all its energy to collect donations to build and restore the homes of the poor and to provide what is needed for a decent living.

Building and restoring mosques

Mosques are a hallmark of the Muslim community. Through these projects, the charity seeks to help build and restore mosques in remote villages.

Contribute to the relief of those affected

The association seeks to provide aid to people with disasters and crises, as thousands of people remain homeless, do not have access to sufficient food and water, and lack basic sanitation facilities.

Well drilling projects

Ibn Al-Khattab Charitable Society is working on drilling wells to provide safe drinking water for everyone, especially in rural areas, in addition to providing improved sanitation facilities.

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Charitable work is one of the pillars of the Muslim community based on synergy, harmony, compassion, and social solidarity among the community members.

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